Nannool: Why you should read more books

Reading will always be the top way to learn and get everything you need to know. Find out all the benefits of reading more here at Nannool. One of the benefits of reading is you can go back over your notes many times and review the info again and again until it is firmly etched in your mind.

Another benefit of reading is you can take notes as you go along which gives you a chance to jot down any ideas or concepts that pop up as they are occurring to you. This lets you get an added mental boost from these little flashes of insight called “eureka” moments. Another thing about reading is you will not only be learning the content but you will be absorbing the atmosphere of the book. You will be able to feel the passion, the enthusiasm and the energy of the writer. This is especially true with non-fiction books. When you are reading for info you are looking for facts, figures and details. But, when you read for inspiration, you are looking for the big picture, the “lessons learned”, the attitudes, the philosophies and the energy that went into the making of the book. You don’t get this kind of information from watching a video or even listening to a audio tape. Yes, you will still get all these things from those media but there will be something more… an experience. It will be deeper, fuller, more complete. One more important thing about reading…

Moreover You Can Learn Something New Every Single Day!

It’s almost impossible to be a real pro at anything unless … you make it a priority to keep learning and improving. The only way to improve as a copywriter is by reading material written by other great copywriters, watching great videos on Copyblogger, listening to audio tapes from “Copywriting Secrets” by Jay Abraham (which I personally own and listen to almost every day) and just plain old doing a lot of writing yourself. Don’t be afraid of writing. In time, it’ll come naturally and your ability to write great copy will become almost automatic.

Here’s an example of how reading benefits you: A few years ago, a group of us were traveling in the Middle East. We wanted to see some of the world’s most beautiful and interesting places so we booked a flight that would put us in the center of the Arabian peninsula. Our plane was scheduled to leave the Los Angeles airport at 9:00 a.m. On the day before our departure, a small voice inside me said, “You know, it would be kinda neat to stop and visit some of those ancient cities while you’re in the area.” So I did.

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